Specifically an 05 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti has been on our list of realistic cars to own since owning the RS. This STi came into our lives at an unfortunately but opportunistic time. I had just recently crashed my yellow wagon, replaced it with an nearly identical one that was still stock, and still had some dollars to play with. Was it the wisest idea to buy an STi a that time, maybe not. But the opportunity to buy one with a refreshed motor, new turbo and clutch, 3 sets of wheels, and from a friend who wanted to see it go to a good home doesn’t happen everyday.

She may have had a lot of new parts. But it was still 9+ years old when we bought it. So while the suspension was stock, which let me set it up the way i wanted, it wasn’t super easy to get appear. The motor has been rebuilt, but many hoses, the radiator, mounts, etc. where all showed their age over the past couple years.

Overall she’s fun and nibble. Running reliably now. Perrin wing stffies, and maybe a new set of street rims are next on the list.

  • Engine: 2.5L Turbo Boxer
  • Drive Train: 6 Speed Manaul with DCCD
  • HP: 290 ponnies
  • Torque: 315 ft/lbs